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Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
towards normalcy as the students had back-to-school all except sandy hook elementary school, which remains a crime scene. in the neighboring town of monroe volunteers continue preparing an unused middle school for sandy hook students to attend. >> we want to give the children the opportunity to see their new school and at to be as comfortable as they possibly can. >> promote investigation proceeds as a board is look through every inch of adam lanza's life. -- authoritiesthe investigation proceeds. his mother trained him to use a dangerous weapon at a time whenshe knew that he suffered from mental illness. >> it was an extremely poor decision on her part. we're talking about a psychological switzer that i think got turned on for him with access to and weapon and ready availability. >> the gunman had not seen his father or brother in two years. although he visited gun ranges, it's not clear if he practiced shooting in preparation for the massacre. tahman bradley abc news, connecticut. >> the mother of a georgetown university student was among those killed in the connecticut school sh
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
all of the money has been refunded. a new type of investigation after the sandy hook shooting. geneticists are studying adam lanza's dna. they say there are genetic components to mental a list of many factors involved. scientists are not looking for anything specific and they admit it is unlikely they will find anything. the result will likely not be released for several weeks. after the shooting spree there have been plenty of questions about school safety. that is why hundreds of staff members at utah school turned out last night for free gun training. everyone from third grade teachers to janitors and cafeteria workers were taught how to fight back in a situation like that at sandy hook. >> i am just were read a little bit, what would i do as a teacher. how would you protect yourself if you were being fired upon? >> with the recent tragedy, i realize it is probably a good time for me to act on that. >> trainers and that advocates said not every teacher who showed up applied for or even wanted a gun permit, but they said the purpose of the training was to help people learn a
Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm EST
to newtown, conn. with continuing coverage of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> the first responders during friday's shooting are opening up about the terrible scene they saw unfold. they arrived within minutes and immediately set up triage areas by the rescue truck. they said after a while, the horror began to set in. >> i think that is the toughest part. we are trained to do this and we want to take care of people. we want to keep them alive and there was nothing we could do. >> we want to do anything we could for the children. >> we could have done more. to see those little faces -- >> crews tel console families and there were several parents who stayed most of the night at the firehouse. >> parents and students can expect tighter security at schools nationwide including d.c. >> john gonzalez has the latest on the security efforts in prince george's county. >> this is a moment of silence for those families of the sandy hook elementary school students. >> the principal amount is a moment of silence throughout the school while outside even before, the first school b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3